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Paid media LinkedIn is a very efficient way to get qualified leads, highlighting the profile of a brand with the possibility of doing more voluminous business.

The LinkedIn is one of the largest social networks that have focused on the business market, currently has thousands of active users. In addition, the network is one of the best tools to conquer business opportunities.

The social media ad manager is LinkedIn Ads, it offers different strategies for carrying out a campaign, one of which is the possibility and approaching an audience in a personalized way.

LinkedIn paid media : is it worth it?

Currently the LinkedIn is a social network that has a considerable audience, with more than 300 million active members, ad n the LinkedIn has ability to promote high-level business.

LinkedIn paid media is an option to get interesting contacts and opportunities for a brand. According to some research data, LinkedIn is more than 250% more efficient than Facebook for generating leads.

So yes! Paid media LinkedIn is very worthwhile for a company to stand out, in an environment (platform) that is already business, it is a network geared towards the professional side.

But, in order to achieve good results, it is necessary that the content of the message is very well planned by someone who understands digital marketing, to define the subjects that will be addressed and the number of publications, to plan every action that will be done in this social network.

Types of Ads on LinkedIn

There are different ad formats depending on the purpose. There are three types of ads that are most used, see how they work and how you can use them:

  1. Sponsored Content

Ess and type of advertising is ideal if for those who want to, Increase the recognition of a brand, build relationships and generate leads. It allows to propagate the messages that a brand wants to transmit, regardless of the device that its users use.

It also allows segmentation to reach the target audience exactly . It is a way to draw attention d users more propensity the s become good leads. The ad to appear in the newsfeed user, and p ara uses r this feature is necessoario have a ” Company Page” configured.

  1. Text Ads

This type of ad allows you to create and launch personalized and well-targeted campaigns , the configuration is made on the amount of the available budget, all of this in a few minutes.

The purpose of this type of ad is to get quality leads , even if the investment resources are limited, this type of ad can give good results.

The Anu naïve appear on the side of feed News is an advertisement intuitive with self- format service . it is not necessary to have a “ Compan y Page” enabled to use this feature. It is a feature similar to Google AdWords search ads.

  1. Sponsored Inmail

With this type of ad it is possible to transform recipients into qualified leads. The ad is personalized content that is sent to the user’s inbox as a message.

It allows segmenting users, reaching only the target audience. The messages are only sent when the chosen users are online on LinkedIn, increasing their chances of interacting with the brand. It is a way to improve the user experience with a brand and engage them.

As the message goes directory the for coffin to your potential customer’s input, the messages do not run the risk of back or go to the spam box. To use this type of ad, a new account is required .

As we have seen, investing in paid media LinkedIn is a very effective way to get qualified leads for a brand, offering great business opportunities.

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