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Media paid or content marketing

Many people who have their own business look for strategies in the digital world to reach a larger audience, and so it is common to have some doubts, one of which is: paid media or content marketing, which strategy to adopt?

First, it is important to conceptualize these elements to better understand how they work.

Content marketing is the creation and availability of valuable content with the aim of attracting the attention of potential customers. In the case of a brand that is not yet known, content marketing can help educate the public about the business.

Or a brand can win the public’s attention by giving information or tips about the area in which it operates. So a brand can not only win the public’s attention but also the trust of the public, so they will feel safe in consuming the products or even recommending them.

Paid media, on the other hand, is the transmission of content such as paid ads, as is the case with the first placed ads that appear in search results, those brands are paying to appear in that placement, being more visible to the user.

Paid media is a good investment for brands that are entering the market, this visibility ends up promoting the brand, making it better known to the public in a short time.

But which is better paid media or content marketing ?

Paid media or content marketing, what is the best strategy to adopt?

The truth is that paid media and content marketing are complementary elements, since content marketing is responsible for creating, managing content and also optimizing strategies with organic results.

Paid media appears as a “plus” to better promote content marketing. It is an alternative for those who want to leverage the business, make a brand known in a shorter time.

However, when only content marketing is used, more patience is needed due to the longer time it takes to reach the necessary audience and achieve the objectives.

2 types of paid media that give quick results

Now that we understand the relationship between paid media or content marketing, it is important to know that some channels that advertise a brand’s content marketing also offer paid media service to promote a business, for example:

  1. Search Engines

Search engines are the places where users search for information, such as Google, currently one of the most used, or YouTube.

Both can advertise the content marketing product organically or as an advertisement, placing the website or blog in a better position on the search engines.

As the top ranked positions on Google or YouTube are the ones that tend to have the most clicks, the top rankings are the best chances of promoting a brand.

  1. Social networks

Like search engines, social networks are also content marketing channels that feature the option of paid media.

Investing in paid media from social networks is one of the factors that has made many brands become known, and thus manage to pass credibility and trust to users. It is an assertive investment, since most potential customers are located on social networks.

You can also define a target audience to view your ads, that is, you can define the quantity and quality (potential customers) of the users who will see your ad.

Media paid or content marketing are promoting strategies of a brand, the difference is that the paid media generates more results in less time, and you can still have a conversion prediction of visitors to customers.

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