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The paid media social networks is currently one of the best marketing strategies to attract the public, through it you can increase the reach of a business, to promote it and achieve results in less time.

This strategy is used to boost diverse content such as offers and posts on the placement channels.

The advertiser can choose which best social network (platform) serves his business, which period he wants to invest in , can choose to improve segmentation (audience he wants to reach), choose keywords, among others.

The results of the posts are proportional to the amount that was invested, so there is flexibility, you can choose a range that fits your budget.

For some platforms, you can choose to start with a small investment, setting delivery limits per day and for a certain period of time. Thus, it is possible to observe how the results are, assess the need for improvement to increase investments.

Paid media social networks, is it worth investing ?

If you want to leverage your business, make your brand known in less time, one of the best solutions is to invest in paid media social networks.

The promotion of a brand made by paid media reaches a larger number of people and can reach a specific audience, the target audience of a business due to the segmentation resources , which makes it possible to apply filters and categorize a campaign according to the persona you want reach.

That is why it is important to know the target audience, to know their interests, needs and desires.

There are various social networks to implement marketing strategies, and the combination of ads on different networks can further extend the reach of ads for a business.

Paid media facebook

Facebook is one of the best ways to do paid media marketing to social networks as it has more than 1.7 billion active users per month who spend at least 40 minutes of their day on the social network.

The ads served on Facebook have a chance to reach a greater reach of users and still reach a specific consumer market, that is, it has the power to direct marketing campaigns to the target audience. It is a strategy that can be applied from small to large businesses.

Linkedin paid media

If your business is selling to other companies, LinkedIn is one one already targeted platform, the public LinkedIn has twice more the purchasing power of that medium web audience.

Campaign ads on LinkedIn can be chosen from: text, single image, image, message, job, and other ads.

Paid Media Youtube

The Youtube is the largest video platform in the world, is the second largest search engine used by the users. So it is an excellent platform for paid media social networks.

It is not enough to just send a video with quality content, for a brand to become known faster the solution is to optimize it, with SEO strategies and improve results and reach with paid media. On Youtube, ads can also be targeted to the target audience.

Pinterest Paid Media

The Pinterest is a visual social network, which helps a brand to approach the public, so it is also a useful platform for business.

In addition, it is a platform that can influence the user at the time of purchase, according to research, 84% of people who use Pinteres are deciding what to buy.

Paid media social networks can be a strategy that, allied to content marketing, can make a greater number of users interact with a brand in a short time, making that brand more known and visible, improving the results of a business.

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