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Paid media Facebook

Facebook is the most used social network, there you can find most of the public online, reach different audiences, with different interests and desires. The slant of paid media Facebook you can target your ads to the right people better promoting your brand.

Paid media is an essential factor for the growth of brand recognition and, consequently, an increase in revenue, it refers to the efforts of a marketing team on the placement of an ad.

Paid media Facebook: how does it work?

The paid media Facebook is done through Facebook Ads, you plan an ad with content you want to run and then passes promotes it. It is possible to create different ad formats ( Ads ), specify the targeting and thus have greater reach to promote a brand.

The advertiser has different options for where the ad is shown, the types of ads and the purpose, depending on the strategy they want, for example, if the intention is to get more followers or promote greater engagement.

Optionally, can be added Instagram also as paid media to supplement the desired action, the sponsored ads can m appear in photo format, videos short and image carousel.

Types of Facebook ad formats

The Facebook Ads offers m different types of media options award, the most commonly used are:

  1. Carousel ads

Carousel ads are widely used, allowing the user to view multiple images or videos in a single ad. Up to 10 images or 10 videos in carousel format can be added.

So the image of several products can appear for the user, for example, in a single ad, text and title can still be added.

  1. Image

Image ads (Facebook accepts several image formats, but recommend JPG or PNG ) of a product or brand.

  1. Video

Video ads can help you stand out even more in the News Feed. Different placements allow different lengths of the videos. However, shorter videos are generally more engaging on mobile devices (smartphones).

  1. Colition

It presents several products and is opened as an Instant Experience to the user interacting with him. The customers can find and buy products using the phone in a visual way and easy, it offers a browsing experience that integrates mobile devices.

Can be used to convert demand into sales, also it helps i ncentiv air interested customers to continue to buy the website or the application.

  1. Plan your ads

Managing ads on Facebook can be a very effective digital marketing strategy, and for that to really happen, you need to plan your ads.

When managing a paid Facebook media, it is possible to create focused campaigns and monitor their impact in real time. The ads must always be aligned with the marketing strategies of the business, that is, the campaigns must have a clear objective to achieve the results.

There are some tools that are important to make a good planning and execution of the placement of a paid media Facebook, an ad manager can be useful in simplifying and optimizing ads.

A tool that can help manage Facebook ads is Adespresso, which offers optimization elements that can be adjusted according to the campaign’s objective. In addition, you can generate several reports from Facebook Ads.

It is worth remembering that defining the profile of the target audience of a campaign is a fundamental part of the marketing strategy and essential to achieve good results.

Paid media facebook is an excellent digital marketing strategy, as there is a greater likelihood of finding potential customers on this social network.

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