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What is paid media

An efficient way to promote a business’s ads and increase sales chances is through paid media. In today’s article we will talk about what is paid media and what are the types of paid ads.

One of the great challenges of a business, especially at the beginning of its activities, is to obtain public recognition and trust, therefore, many marketing teams are dedicated to creating content that is attractive to their potential customers.

These developed contents are more likely to be viewed on digital platforms, since today the vast majority of the population spends much of their time online.

And the essential component of digital marketing strategies for a brand to become known and achieve greater revenue is the media. The media is the channel and space that takes the message of a brand and promotes it.

But then what is paid media ?

D Setting tim which is paid media is important for those who are looking for guaranteed ways to promote a business and increase your visibility to the public.

There are three types of media:

  • No cost: p organic UBLICITY, without paying advertising space . They can be through social media recognition, guest posts, podcast invitations , exclusive columns, etc. You can c onstr uir credibility and trust and expands r reach .
  • Own: it is operated in its own business channels. On your websites, blogs, e – mails, social media, etc. Full control to modify ads.
  • Pay: pay sites to display your ad, it can be on social networks, websites, blogs, publications, etc. It allows directing and reaching new users.

To better explain what is paid media, these are paid promotions to be displayed on other sites . Paid ads are priced according to the type of ad ( we’ll talk about types later) and the purpose. Some costing models for the most used ads are:

  1. Cost-per-click (CPC)

In this model, the amount is paid for each ad click, regardless of the views. P ermite set a budget or track the value of the investment .

  1. Cost per miler (CPM)

In this model, the advertiser pays for every thousand ad views. The plica of the display ads – banners, native advertising, etc.

An ad campaign to be successful is necessary to go through a good planning, and then its publication must reach a target audience, this increases the chances of converting a user into a customer.

The paid media can make ads pay -per-click, pop-up ads, image ads, ads in video, social media ads among others.

When a content is pat rocinado through paid media, brands promote their ideas, products or services directly to their audiences.

Types of paid ads

  • Paid search ads

The paid listings are appearing at the top d pages of search results platforms like Google and Bing, they stand out d organic results.

  • Social media ads

The paid ads on social media (Fa cebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) take the form of clickable content appearing in feeds, stories, can be a display ad with text, video or carousel, for example.

  • Other image ads

Another option ad paid are the ads charts that can be displayed in different networks of digital display, outside the social media platforms. Image ads can be made in various shapes and forms such as , for example , banner ads, interactive ads, video ads, etc.

The network reaches the most users is the Google Display Network, through it you can put r ads on a large collection of sites, applications and videos.

In today’s article it was possible to see what is paid media, how it works, what the s types of ads and how it can be useful especially for a start in the business world.

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